Super Pretty Hairstyles to Try This Year

Every year there are hairstyles that become fashionable once more. 2017 is just the same, with some older styles coming back and newer trends taking over. It’s time to add zing to your hair by trying out these super pretty hairstyles this year.

Nice Hair

Start with a Side Braid

This is a slight adaptation from a popular 2016 braided hairstyle. While 2016 saw the braid taken from one side and cross over the top of the head, 2017 favours the side braid. This starts at the halfway point in the hair and works its way down one side. The French style braid down the side tucks in at the back, hiding the bottom to blend in with the rest of the hair.

On the other side, the hair is allowed to flow naturally. If you can add some waves or curls, opt for this at the front of the other side. The whole look appears effortless when done right.

Side Braid

Get the Retro Look

Old fashions are always coming back. That isn’t just the case for clothes, but also the case for hairstyles. In this instance, it’s all about the retro bang puff look. There’s some backcombing involved and you may need some product in your hair just to get it to sit perfectly, but your hair will look like something out of the 1950s and 1960s.

Retro Hairstyle

Opt for a half up, half down style. Add some natural looking waves to the part of the hair that is down if you want, but the focus should be on the retro puff at the top. Work the retro all the way to the sides of your head and don’t forget to add in the bangs to add a 2017 style to the look.

Nice Hair

Opt for the Knot

We don’t want you to actually knot your hair, but the style makes it look like you have. This look is better with a part up and part down approach. Take two strands from the side of your head and pull them to the back, curling one around the other as if you are going to add a knot.

You’ll want to pin the strands of hair in place to keep the knot where it is. Let the rest of the hair flow, adding some waves or curls to it to really make the straightness of the knot stand out for everyone behind you. Everyone will want to know your secret.

The Knot

Try Out Braided Pigtails

This isn’t quite the look of Anna from Frozen. You want the braids to be of a French style – and if you can do the braids so they stand up on top of your hair instead of blending in that is even better. Opt for thick strands if you can, working your way down to the very tips of your hair to complete the look.

The French braided pigtails aren’t just cute and pretty. They’re extremely practical for women who love to play sports, go to the gym, or just need to get their hair out of their eyes.

Braided Pigtail

Work In Two Tone Waves to Short Hair

When you have a lob hairstyle, it’s easy to just go with the flow. It’s time to get rid of the dated look without growing your lob hairstyle out. For 2017, you want to look at colour choices for your hair. Two tone waves are all the rage right now.

Lob Hair

Working with two tones is relatively easily. You want the shades to be close together – maybe one o them just two or three shades lighter. Work with the darker shade for the roots and blend your way into the lighter shade towards the tips. It’s almost like letting your roots grow out, but looks neater and purposely created.


Add Waves to One Side

This was a trend that started in the 2000s thanks to One Tree Hill, but dropped off the radar. Well, now the look is back. It’s super cute for those with long and thick locks that curl easily.

Push all your hair to one side, pinning them so they hang neatly. Curl your hair so that the waves or ringlets hang loosely to that one side. You can also pin some of the front back, so the longer sections of your hair stand out.

Wavy Hairstyle

2017 is the time to try out new styles. There are so many that are becoming extremely fashionable and are easy and super cute. Try them out, whether you’re looking for something for everyday use or you need a style that will work for a special event. These ideas are some of the best you’ll need to try this year, regardless of hair length.


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