Hair Extensions Quick Tutorial

Do you have short and thinning hair? You definitely need some hair extensions to enhance the length and volume of your crowning glory. But, before you go to a hair parlor to enhance your hair, be sure that you already know the basics.

Blonde Hairextensions

Extensions are very popular nowadays especially in celebrities, prominent individuals and people who are very much fashion-conscious. It is because it can make you look good and stylish especially if you have chosen the right volume and length.

You can go to the parlor and request for the method to be done into your hair but of course, you need to know what maintenance care you will do after application.

Before And After Hair Extensions

The first thing you need to doinitially is determine what brand of human hair weave do you like and you thinks is the best brand in the market. There are many brands out there but not all have quality products. If you don’t want to go wasting your money, choose the right brand.

The next preparation you have to do is determine if you want a human hair extensions or synthetics. Natural is more beautiful to look at because it is human hair and it will easily fit to your type of crowning glory.

The synthetics are only good to be used on certain occasions because it is not tailored to be long lasting. It is man-made, becomes brittle easily, can be damage by extreme environmental temperature and can easily fall off.

Long Hair

Although synthetics is not long-lasting, it is way cheaper the natural extensions. Human hairs are very expensive because it comes from a donor and it can last long because you can do some treatment on it as you like. You can color it, iron it or curl it and it won’t damage easily compared to synthetics.

Once you have made the initial preparation, you can now go to the parlor and have a professional do the job. Be sure that you came to a good parlor to be sure that the extensions are attached well. If it’s not, then it can easily fall off or get damaged.

After having it on attached to your hair, the care will not stop there. You have to do some regular maintenance after work to make it last long especially if it is human hairs. If you want long-term extensions then better use the natural ones than synthetic.

Although it is expensive, you can be assured that its quality is good. Natural hairs can be brushed with soft-bristled brushes and you can put some hair conditioner on it so it will remain soft and healthy.

Long Wavy Hairstyle

Care for hair extensions must be done because you are not spending a small amount to have it. You are going to spend a significant amount and if you don’t want to keep on spending because it damages easily, get some information beforehand. You can get information in books, internet and from professional hair stylists.


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