Cute Everyday Summer Hairstyles

Sometimes you want something that is simple to do on a daily basis. You need hairstyles that will work for your job, but still add your personality and style into the mix. Here are seven cute everyday hairstyles that you need to try out.

High Ponytail

The High Ponytail with a Twist

The ponytail really is the easiest of the lot. Anyone can do it and it will look professional. You keep your hair out of the way and it’s easy to maintain. The problem is that it can look a little boring. It’s time to add a slight twist to your hairstyle. Grab a strand of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around your hair tie, so the hair tie is completely hidden.

Side Brade Hairstyle

Choose a Summery Side Braid

Pull all your hair to the side and braid it. You’ll find that you can do this in no-time. In fact, it will take less than two minutes to complete. To make the style look cute and summery, loosen off the braid towards the top. You can also wrap a strand of hair at the bottom around your hair tie to hide it if you wish.

Wrap Half Your Hair into a Bun

Wrap Half Your Hair into a Bun

Pull up just the top half of your hair, as if you’re going for the half-up half-down look. Instead of tying it into a ponytail, pull it so that it sits on the top of your head. Now wrap the hair around into a bun. You can braid the ponytail if you find it easier to wrap into a bun. Leave the rest of the hair hanging naturally and loosely over your shoulders.

Lose Waves

Leave the Loose Waves

Try braiding your hair the night before, especially if your hair is wet. The next morning, release the braids and watch as your hair comes out curly and wavy.

You’ll find the waves are large and natural-looking. Just let your hair hang like this for the rest of the day. It will feel like it’s summer and you’ll have everyone asking you what you did to get the perfect loose curls.

French Braid

French Braid Your Half Up Bun

We’re going to do a slight variation of the half-up half-down bun look from above. Rather than just pulling the half up section into a ponytail, French braid it from the very front of your scalp to about halfway down the length of your hair. Secure the French braid and then loosen it around the top. Now it’s time to wrap it around, until you get a floral-style bun. The rest of your hair can just hang loosely and naturally.

Bun Ring

Use a Bun Ring

Grab a bun ring from your local beauty store and use it for your cute everyday hairstyle. This is the perfect way to get a gorgeous look in a matter of minutes. Follow the tutorial on the bun ring to create your bun look. Now pull out a few wispy bits of hair and keep the bun loose to make it feel like the middle of summer.

Bow in Hair

Put a Bow in Your Hair

We’re not suggesting you go out to buy a bow accessory. We want you to create a bow out of your hair. This will take some time to master and is the hardest cute everyday hairstyle on the list. It’s well worth the effort and after a couple of tries you’ll get it right quickly. Your friends at work will want to know how you do it.

It’s time to get to work with a smile on your face and the perfect hair. These styles are all ones that can be done in minutes, meaning they’re perfect for a day at the office.


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