Change Your Hair, Update Your Look

Did you know that a simple change to your hair could update your whole look? You can look 10 years younger in an instant! Here are some beautiful changes that you’ll want to consider this year for your hairstyle.

Popular Hairstyles

Loosen Your Double Braids

Two braids either side of your hair are popular. They tend to look childish, though, and really make you look much younger than you really are. While this isn’t always a bad thing, if you already look young you can look like a child. It’s time to make a slight change to this style.

Opt for looser braids. It’s almost like you just quickly threw the hairstyle together and allowed some wispy sections break free. Use a clear band to hold your braids in place, but keep that band loose.

Boho Hairstyle

Add a Couple of Smaller Braids

You don’t have to braid all your hair. Sometimes you want to keep your hair down, but add a little flare. Use small braids—one on each side of your hair. You won’t want to use about half an inch to an inch of your hair on either side to get this look.

Let the rest of your hair freely hang. You’ll get a summery look with minimal effort.

Curly Hairstyyle

Keep the Curls Loose

Curly hair is all the rage. You don’t need to have tight ringlets, anymore. In fact, tight ringlets are now dated. It’s time to let your hair hang with loose curls, almost more like waves than actual curls. This can take some practice to make it look just right.

Don’t forget about the big sunglasses and large bag. Make it look like you’re ready for a day relaxing at a beach!

Viking Hairstyle

Get a Viking Style

The Vikings always had long hair. To help keep it out of the way when they fought, many of them would tie up the top part in a bun and leave the rest of it flowing freely. This is the common way Uhtred on The Last Kingdom wears his hair and many women have followed suit. It’s time to get that look.

It’s extremely simple and looks amazing. You can add a few accessories if you’d like, but plain is the way to go to change your look.

Loose Braids

Bring the Braid to the Side

We’ve already suggested the two loose braids, but how about just the one? The Hunger Games has a lot to answer for when it comes to how popular this hairstyle became, but the movie’s quite old now so you won’t be accused to copying.

The braid to the side is quick to do and very easy to manage. If you want something slightly different, you can try out the fishtail braid instead. Whichever style, sweep all your hair across and keep the braids loose for a summery style.

Side Buns

Put Your Buns at the Side

Many of us tend to scrap our hair back and throw it into a quick bun. It’s manageable for moms especially. Well, now is the time to take some years off your look and add a bit more of a playful element to your hair.

Opt for two buns towards the back of your head. Keep them fairly loose and let your bangs hang freely if you have them.

Now you have six styles that are perfect for changing up your look quickly and effortlessly. These hairstyles are extremely easy to manage and maintain. You’ll wonder why you never thought of them before.


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