7 Hairstyles to Get You Out of That Rut

Are you struggling with a rut with your hair? You want something different, but all you have the creativity for is a quick ponytail or messy bun. Well, here are seven hairstyles that you’ll want to try right now.

Get It All to the Side

Let’s start with something simple but eye-catching at the same time. The side ponytail has long been used to just add a bit of flare, but this one takes it a step further. Pull the hair up and sit the ponytail just up from your ear. Gathering it up here gets it off your neck, so you’re ready for the summer.

Side Ponytail

Get the Princess Leia with a Twist Look

Princess Leia is famous for her hairstyle with the two buns over her ears. Now it’s time to do it with a slight twist. Instead of sitting the hair over your ears, pull the buns so they sit on top of your head. There’s a slight bear ear look to this style that is perfect for the heat. Your hair is completely out of the way of your eyes and neck.

Princess Leia Hairstyle

Go for the Side Braid

If you’re a fan of the side ponytail, opt for it with a slight twist. The side braid has been made popular thanks to Katniss in The Hunger Games. Not only is it easy to do and manage, but it will look professional and girly at the same time. It’s up to you whether you start your braid from the nape of your neck or opt for a French braid style from one ear to the bottom.

Braided Hair

Opt for the Double Braid

This look won’t work for everyone but it is certainly fun to do. You could even do it before you go to bed to keep your hair from knotting and you’ll get a wavy look the next morning. The double braid can make you look younger, so if you already have a young face then beware!

Consider taking this style a step further. Opt for French braids either side of your parting. This style is perfect for those who do a lot of sports in the summer and want to keep their hair out of the way.

Double Braids

Get the Wavy Look

If you are a fan of leaving your hair down, why not get a more summery, just got out of bed look? The wavy look is perfect for this. You can use curling tongs or wrap your hair in rollers to get the loose, natural-looking curls. There’s no need for a lot of product, as you want to make it look like you get the curls effortlessly.

Add a headband to keep some of your hair away from your face. This will be perfect to control it with the light summer breeze at the beach.

Wavy Look

Try Out the Half-Up Half-Down Bun

You don’t have to put all your hair up into a bun. This half-up half-down style is perfect for those who want a bit of both and it’s suitable for all hair types and lengths. Pull the top half of your hair up and wrap it around. You could also tuck it under, leaving some of your hair to flow with the down half.

Half-up Bun

Braid Your Bangs and Sweep It Up

The final style is the hardest of the lot, but it doesn’t take too long to master. It’s a braid that runs from one side of your bangs all the way around to the back of your head, following the line of your hair. Once it’s braided around, create a beautiful up-do look that works for your needs.

Cute Hairstyles

Let the creativity flow this summer with the above beautiful hairstyles.


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